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Feminine Face of New Thought Leadership


Exploring the dynamics and possibilities
of a feminine leadership network within the New Thought movement

• To co-create a Network of Feminine Leadership within the New Thought movement and including other spiritually aligned women’s initiatives. New Thought women (and men) face the opportunity to play a major role in connecting extensive networks of women worldwide for the purpose of becoming a unified voice of moral authority that leads the chorus of world opinion.

• To provide a forum, and avenue for the emergence of a feminine sensibility, perspective, and leadership style--not for the sake of any one project, agenda, or for personal gain, but to be applied with great discernment when processes for decision-making, solution-building, and leadership fall short of the conscious awareness we desire for ourselves and societies.

• To explore and provide a qualitatively different approach to problem solving that has the capacity to transform consciousness and build innate core values. Through these practices we demonstrate our commitment to global healing through personal transformation, community-building, interfaith, intercultural, and interdisciplinary understanding, and compassionate activism.

• To provide a practical and spiritual exploration into the dynamics of feminine leadership, and celebrate the unique precedent of New Thought as the ground-breaking religious organization and spiritual movement that first widely ordained female clergy. We honor and acknowledge the reality that the great majority of our programs and committees are led by grassroots activists, congregants, clergy, staff, volunteers who are self-empowered women.

• To optimize existing, and generate new resources, relationships, and response systems that could be woven into a tapestry of connected networks. Activated at the right time, for the right reasons, such efforts could have extraordinary results, locally and on a global scale.

• To associate New Thought networks with distinguished international leaders--women and men, religious and secular, whose passion and careers have centered for decades around building conscious communities of their peers, and with women oppressed and underserved in the global population.

• To call into play, as a global consortium of feminine wisdom advocates, new styles of consensual decision-making, and criteria for identifying and examining issues, guided by feminine leadership principles that we are now in the process of articulating. All this is possible just as “peace is possible” (Gandhi), with intuition, prayer and meditation integrated into the process.

• To support wisdom women circles, and individual women in our congregations and organizations, in exploring aspirations, empowering skills, and embodying leadership roles. Together, we could celebrate our collective work and help secure a safe, sacred place for our authentic voices to be heard.